Notes on Nailing Your First Launch by Adam Wathan

I’ve just watched the talk «Nailing Your First Launch» (MicroConf Starter 2018) by Adam Wathan and I took notes that I’d like to share and re-visit them in the future. Some of them are just text from his screens, some thoughts are mine.

But don’t let me steal the video from you by providing a digested summary. In my humble opinion, the main idea of watching talks or reading something is to change your mind model of seeing this topic. Don’t hesitate and start watching the video before proceeding to notes. The notes are here just to come back from time to time and re-call some especially useful highlights.

Why one-time purchases and not Software-as-a-Service?

One-time purchase products are way easier to sell

They can be “done”

You can put one together in 3 months of nights and weekends

They put money in the bank fast then drop off (opposite to SAAS)

Steps to start

Building an audience

Picking the right idea

Collect feedback from tweets, have a catalog of them. Can be used later for your landing/sales pages.

Define the product

In general, courses are easier to sell at higher prices because people expect products such as books to be in a specific cost range, even if they understand that it brings a high value.

Landing page

The goal is to collect e-mail addresses.

Example of Adam’s landing page can be seen on 19:33 - 22:25




Building Your Email List

Announce the announcement — «about to announce the next big project I’m working on; if you check it out and are excited about it, I’d love any help spreading the word!»

Getting it finished

A few strategies to finally finish it:

Figuring pricing

Single tier

Two tiers

Three tiers:

Adam’s case

  • First tier: The Bare Essentials, $39
    • The 158-page book in pdf format
    • Comprehensive set of exercises
  • Second tier: The Premium Training Package, $79
    • Over 4 hours of screencasts, covering all of the book examples
    • Three additional advanced tutorials
    • all from first tier
  • Third tier: The complete Reference Package, $179
    • The source code of Nitpick CI, a production Laravel application that makes heavy use of collection pipelines
    • all from second tier

Launch discounts

Nailing the launch

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